Angepinnt Craftcal Corporation

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    • Craftcal Corporation

      The Craftcal Corporation is a meger of companies. It was founded because of the Great Depression in 2008.

      • Administration Headquater:
      • Department of finance, economics and commerce
      • Department of information and communication
      • Department of health, search and rescue
      • Department of political and military affairs
      • Department of traffic, construction and housing
      • Department of education and research
      • Department of enviorment, agri- and forestculture
      • Department of justice and safety
      • 2008:
        The Craftcal Business Corporation was founded by Jack Branson, the 21th King of Craftcal Island. The corporation was thought as a protection umberalla for the member. The objective of the corporation at this point was the financial security of the enterprises and the profit maximization of these.
      • 2010-2011:
        Because of the reorganization of politic and economic in 2010, the Craftcal Corporation get very important for the international society.
        The King of Craftcal Island get a control function over the International Committee. In order to avoid the privilege of Craftcal Business Corporation, it was decided to give the royal family of Craftcal Island a patronage position in the Corporation. The Craftcal Business Corporation change also the name to Craftcal Corporation.
      • A lot of persons said that the Craftcal Business Corporation is responsible for the economic and political restructuring in 2010.
      • Managment of the Craftcal Corporation:
        • Managing director:
        • Patronage of the Craftcal Corporation: Prince Luke Branson, Prince of Craftcal Island
      • Member today:
        • C House Building Companie ===> More
        • Craftcal Support Center International
        • International Business Association
        • International Market for Imovables
        • International Business Holding Corporation
        • Jack Branson Academy
        • Sports International Holding Corporation
      • International Magic Congress by Craftcal
      • International Committee by Craftcal
      • Author:
        • MasterMind