St. Mungos Hospital

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    • St. Mungos Hospital

      The St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries is a wizarding hospital located in London, England. The hospital serves the entire wizarding population of Great Britain.

      • The Hospital is located at a department store at the inner city of London. It's a closed department store with five floors. Although the "department store" building housing the hospital may be relatively small, this is not an indication of the true capacity of a magical building.
      • 1600s
        The hospital was founded by famous Healer Mungo Bonham.
      • Opening hours:
        • Opening hours of the Hospital Shop:
          Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm
          Sunday 11am to 5pm
        • Opening hours of the Visitors Tearoom and Cafeteria:
          Monday to Sunday 7am to 8pm
          ~~> breakfast from 7am to 11am
          ~~> hot kitchen from 11am to 8pm
          ~~> teatime 3pm to 5pm
        • The rest of the hospital is 24h/7days open.
      • Floor Plan:
        • Basement
          The Emergency Room is located at the Basement. It's often filled with wizards facing strange aliments, such as hands sprouting out of their chests of stram pouting their mouths. The patient registration is also located at the basement.
        • Ground Floor
          The Reception of the hospital is located on the ground floor. The receptionist helps anyone who is unsure where to go, incapable of normal speech, or unable to remember why they are in at the hospital.
          Also there is the Maisie Simm Ward, the ward is responsible for artefact accidents, like cauldron explosion, wands backfiring and broom crashes.
        • First Floor
          At the first floor of the hospital, is the Dai Liewellyn Ward located. The ward deals with creature-induced Injuries. It's named for Dai Liewellyn, an extremely famous quidditch player, who was eaten by a Chimaera.
        • Second Floor
          The ward for magical bugs and diseases (the Tegan Tate Ward) is located there.
        • Third Floor
          The ??? ward is located here. It's teats potion and plant poisoning.
        • Fourth Floor
          At the fourth floor is the ??? ward for spell damage located.
        • Fifth Floor
          There is the Hospital Pharmacy, some storage rooms and the offices of the hospital management (Managers Office and Chief-Healers Office) located. Also the Hospital Shop and the Visitors Tearoom and Cafeteria is located there.

      • Staff:
        • Mrs. Blair Evie Evans | Chief-Healer of the St. Mungos Hospital
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        • Mr. Augustus Pey | Healer-in-Charge (Emergency Room)
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        • Mr. Bertram Purge | Manager of the St. Mungos Hospital
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      • Hospital Board: