Town Hall, Diagon Alley

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    • Town Hall, Diagon Alley

      The Town Hall of Diagon Alley, is the representative building and administrative seat of the population of Diagon Alley. It was founded in 1696. It also harbor the private rooms of the Mayor of Diagon Alley and in an outbuilding the Wedding Chapel of Diagon Alley.

      • The postal adress is WC?? ???, London, 121 Diagon Alley.
      • The Town Hall is located in the Dodderidge House at 121 Diagon Alley, the wedding chapel is located at 115a Diagon Alley
      • 1692-1696
        In 1692 with the imposition of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, the shops at Diagon Alley were now also in need of protection.
        Time to time, the Diagon Alley (at that time a small shopping street) became more and more to a hotspot and small town in the city. Since many witches and magicians reside in the Diagon Alley, a official representation of the population of Diagon Alley was necessary. The residents founded 1696 the position Major of Diagon Alley and the Town Hall of Diagon Alley as representative building and administrative seat.
      • 1697
        The Dodderidge House was inaugurated. The Town Hall of Diagon Alley, was named as a remembrance of Daisy Dodderidge, the person which we owes the foundation and the development of Diagon Alley.
      • The Town Hall is opened Monday to Friday 8am to 11am, and also Tuesday and Thursday 3pm to 5pm.
        The Wedding Chapel of Diagon Alley opens by appointment.
      • Current Mayor of Diagon Alley: Mayor Aldwyn Sarner