FAQ: Currency/Money

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    • FAQ: Currency/Money

      1. Which currencies exist on the server?
        On the server exist two currencies: On the one hand we have the currency of the normal world (Desta/Dumis), on the other hand we have the Wizarding-Currency (Galleon/Sickle/Knut). If you need more information click here ==> More
      2. How can I get money?
        If you start to play on the server you get 5.000,00DD. This is your seed funding. If you need more you can sell items or you search a job and get money for your work.
      3. Where can wizards change their money?
        The fact is, the normal currency isn't worth anything in the wizard community, so if you play a wizard you must change your money at Gringotts. If you didn't know where the next banking house is click here ==> More