The Secret Keeper

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    • The Secret Keeper

      The Secret Keeper is a wizarding restaurant, which is today located at London, United Kingdom. The restaurant is known for their tasty regional dishes.
      Originally the restaurant called "The old wizard" and was located at Elstead, United Kingdom.

      • The postal adress of the restaurant is: WC?? ???, London, 107 Diagon Alley, United Kingdom
      • 1999
        The restaurant was founded at Elstead, United Kingdom by Agnus C. Knight. The restaurant get the name "The old wizard".
        Thenceforth the restaurant was an insider tip of the wizard community.
      • 2001
        Because of the fact that the restaurant became more and more a magnet for wizards, Mr. Knight decided to change the location.
        By the more or less forced change of location the owner also changed the name of the local to "The Secret Keeper", he wanted to send a small appeal to the wizard community.
      • The restaurant is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 11pm