International Currency

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    • International Currency

      The international currency consists of two currencies.
      The currency for the "normal" population is Desta(DD) with the subunit Dumis(D) [1DD => 100D]. Most times, the currency is displayed as a comma with two decimal places (for example 1,01DD (=> 1DD & 1D)). The names of this currency is inspired from the currencies of the Roman Empire (Desta: combination of Denar and Sesterz; Dumis: combination of Dupondius and Semis)
      The other currency, the Wizarding-Currency, is Galleon(G) with the subunits Sickle(S) and Knut(K) [1G => 17S => 493K].


      • 2010-2011:
        Because of the economic and political restructuring in 2010, the International Comittee decided to change the nationally different currencies to one international currency. The changeover of the currency started at the 1st Decembre 2011 and was finaly finished at the 1st January 2012.
        Example changeover rates:
        • 0,85 Pound Sterling (GBP) = 1,00DD
        • 0,94 Euro (EUR) = 1,00DD
        • 1,12 U.S. Dollar (USD) = 1,00DD
        • 4,40 Turkish Liry (TRY) = 1,00DD
        • 126,14 Japanesse Yen (JPY) = 1,00DD
      • 2012:
        The 1st January 2012 was the final international start of the international currency. Since this point in every state of the world is a payment only with the international currency possible. The international economic rapid improved after final changeover, since this point the econemy is stable. The changeover from the old national currency to the today valid currency is since the 1st June 2012 not possible.

      • The conversions rate from the normal Curreny to the Wizarding-Currency is 5,90DD => 1G or 1,00DD => 2S 30K.