President of the International Committee

    • President of the International Committee

      The President of the International Committee is the head of the International Committee.

      • How to become President of the International Committee (4steps):
        • Step 1 ==> Candidacy:
          Only by a state nominated person can be elected. At the 6th June the states nominated their persons for a candidacy. Every state can only nominated one person. A candidate musst be 16years old (Real-Age).
          At the night from the 6th June to the 7th June, the persons will informed about their nomination, the persons musst agrees they candidacy at this point. After this the person is official a candidate for the position.
          A list with all candidates are publish at the morning of the 7th June.
        • Step 2 ==> Primiliminary Election:
          As of the 7th of June, there will be an electioneering which will end with the primiliminary election day on 19th novembre.
          At the primiliminary election, every player on the server can vote for their canditate. The result are publish at the 20th novembre.
        • Step 3 ==> Final Election:
          After the primiliminary election the best three persons are candidates for the final election. The candidates are travelling to Craftcal Island at the 26th Novembre. At the 27th Novembre is the Canditate-Talk. At this point the voters (all state representative persons and 50 chosen voters) can ask the candidates their questions. At the night from the 29th Novembre to the 30th Novembre is the final election. The resulst are publish after the election.
        • Step 4 ==> Swearing-In Event:
          At the 1th January of the next year, the voted person will be swearing-in the office.