International Magical Law Enforcement Bureau

    • International Magical Law Enforcement Bureau

      The International Magical Law Enforcement Bureau (shortform IMLEB) is the international law enforcement agency of the magic community. The tasks of this authority are the storage and processing of crime data, dissemination of information to the national law enforcement agencies and the support for these agencys.

      • Divisions:
        • Constable of the Magic Congress
          The Constables of the magic Congress are responsible for the protection, safety and prosecution of the Magic Congress. They also take over the prisoner transports from the respective prisons to the International Magical Court.
          • Head:
        • Red Notice Unit
          The Red Notice Unit is responsible for the listing of fugitive criminals and the distribution of information about them to national magical law enforcement agencies.
        • Yellow Notice Unit
        • Green Notice Unit
        • Black Notice Unit
        • IMLEB-Supporting Team